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Planning Viability


As a Chartered Surveyor operating in the licensed sector the conversion of a public house into an alternative use is not something that I would wish to see happen on a wholesale basis.  Many public houses have a place in our heritage and some provide an important community facility. However, today many retail businesses, pubs and restaurants included, face a multitude of challenges whether that's internet shopping, statutory, cultural and/or social change.  As a result, in the recent most few years many freehold public houses have been available to purchase at relatively low cost and developers have taken the opportunity to convert them into a multitude of alternative uses.  Those sales in which I have had personal involvement have seen pubs remain as pubs or restaurants but also converted into residential units both single and multi occupancy dwellings, a museum, convenience stores, or demolished for redevelopment of the whole site. 

Typically developers and investors seeking change of use are required to achieve planning consent and supporting documentation may include a planning viability report.  Such a viability report should consider the property characteristics, the competition, trade and tenure history, the market including business diversification and how the particular property fits with all of these.  Consideration of the relevant guidance including the CAMRA viability test, RICS Guidance Notes and Local Plan criteria is necessary.  Clearly some pubs may be suitable to continue as a trading pub but others may be obsolete.  

I have extensive experience in providing Planning Viability Reports.  Furthermore I also advise a local authority by reviewing planning viability reports they have received as part of other planning applications.  I have also attended planning hearings to provide Expert advice. My reports that have been submitted as part of an application and our appraisal of others are in the public domain; I would be pleased to provide examples of my previous work on request.